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Please remember these tips as you continue your attorney search.

Know Your Options

Choosing an accident attorney is an important decision. Interview your personal injury lawyer and ask questions until you feel comfortable with them and their firm.

Questions to Ask Your Accident Lawyer

Every case and individual is different. No single attorney will be the best fit for everyone. Be open in your evaluation and ask the firm about these and other questions.

  • What cases does your firm practice?do you need counsel who has deep experience in your case field or is the matter simple enough to handle by a general firm
  • How will my case be staffed, is your firm multi-lawyer or a one-lawyer office?will your matter be divvied up among junior staff and paralegals or handled by the senior attorney
  • Is your office close to my home, and does proximity matter to move the case forward?does proximity to the office and court matter for your case or can the matters be handled remotely
  • How do you structure fees?understand how the firm bills, get estimates up front
  • How often & when should I expect to get updates about my case?do you have good rapport with the attorney and feel comfortable communicating with him/her
  • Can you describe your experience in a similar case?does the firm have a history handling cases such as yours that they can draw from prior experience
  • Do we have alternatives to court?is a case such as mine expected to move to a trial or may it be settled in arbitration or mediation beforehand